Maria Lameiro

About Me

Just a little bit about me!  I am the mother of 3 amazing children.  Although I have always been active, my nutrition was not always on point and as a mother and business owner, I did not always prioritize on working on my wellbeing. This led me to feeling tired all the time, adding unwanted weight (60 lbs with each pregnancy), not enjoying my daily activities and my relationship with loved ones suffered. 

I desperately looked for ways to help me adopt the habits that would lead me to a stronger, leaner, energized, happy and healthier version of myself that as a result would impact the other areas of my life that were affected by my lack of self-care.  I followed many social media influencers and joined challenges to start my journey towards a fitness lifestyle.  As I gained experience and did not really see the results I worked tirelessly for, I came to understand that what works for one individual might not be the right program for me. So, I decided to become a fitness trainer and learn all the science behind designing and helping myself and others become the best version of themselves.   

I am now a Certified Master Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist,  Transformation Specialist, Certified Glute Specialist, Specialist in Strength & Conditioning, Certified Genetics-Based Program designer, and Pain-Free Performance Specialist (PPSC).  

 I have the tools, knowledge and expertise to transform your body, mind and health just like I have done for myself and others.  I am obsessed with learning and enjoy keeping myself busy by increasing my knowledge in order to keep my practice up to date with current evidence-based fitness and nutrition information. 

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